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If you are tired of playing cyber wack-a-mole* and want to develop a more comprehensive cyber defense strategy for your organization you have come to the right place. Each of the tabs provides additional information. 

Approach—Background on why we approach Cyber exposure in the way we do.

Links—To our videos and papers and other relevant sources of information

Culture –Why we think it important and relevant to managing cyber exposure.

IoT (Internet of Things) - One of the biggest problems facing cyber security

History—Background of Nagan Research Group

Allies—Key allies and partners in the struggle to reign in cyber threats.

Our focus is not on the technical nitty-gritty of cyber threats but the importance of a strategy to address all of the cyber exposures facing your organization, realizing they are not all technical.


* If you are not familiar with the term wack-a-mole this short video will help.